Are There Super Fleas in the Triangle Area?

dog with fleasSuper fleas are fleas that have become resistant to traditional treatments. While some people may feel like they have a case of the fleas that are resistant to treatment. Vets in the Raleigh area recommend regular treatment of fleas to stop your pets from becoming infested with a super flea that is hard to get rid of.

How Do I Tell if My Pet has Super Fleas?

Many doctors will say that fleas have not really become more resistant to medication, rather they are stubborn insects and that a more careful job needs to be done to completely deal with them. If you have treated your pets and your home for fleas, but they keep coming back, you may have a strain of fleas that do not respond to the treatments that are currently available.

How Do I Get Rid of Super Fleas?

The first step is to try to change the flea medication that you are giving your pets. If you were using drops or a flea collar, you may want to visit your vet to get a prescription for an oral flea medication. If the fleas really are resistant to the other treatments, then trying something new should help get rid of the infestation. Many of the oral medications are effective for three months, which means you do not need to worry about applying it as often.

It is also important to change the way you are dealing with the infestation at your home. Flea eggs will fall off of your pet and land in your carpet, and so if you do not treat your entire home effectively, you may have another flea outbreak in a few weeks. If you have tried dealing with it on your own and you are still having issues, call in a professional flea exterminator that can apply an effective treatment inside of your home, as well as a barrier spray outside of your home that will stop fleas from entering your yard and finding your pets that way.

What Can I Do to Prevent Future Flea Problems?

Although there a quite a few home remedies for getting rid of fleas, the best way to prevent fleas is to treat your pets for them. In the past, people would stop flea treatments in the winter months when it is cooler. However, fleas are often able to survive the winter months with the amount of time people are spending indoors and the milder winters. If you treat your pets throughout the winter, you may be able to avoid picking up any fleas.