Mosquito Control in Chapel Hill

Mosquito sprayerThere is nothing more beautiful than Chapel Hill in warm weather. We live in the ideal area for beautiful weather, barbeques … and mosquitoes. The last thing you want is for mosquitoes to prevent you and your family from spending time outside of your home. Couple this with the fact that mosquitoes are known carriers of diseases like Zika and West Nile virus, and you can quickly understand the importance of getting control of the mosquito population around your home. That’s where the Chapel Hill mosquito control experts, Mosquito Tek, come in.

It’s very important to work with trained mosquito professionals to ensure that your yard is free of mosquitoes, but above all to ensure that mosquito treatments and solutions are used correctly and according to the laws to our state. Some “do-it-yourself” sprays can be harmful if the right period of time hasn’t gone by and children and pets are exposed to them immediately after their application.

This is where Mosquito Tek comes in. We have the expertise, the state-of-the-art equipment and the most effective mosquito treatments available to help you get complete relief from mosquito bites throughout the mosquito season.

If you live in the Chapel Hill area and are looking for a Mosquito Exterminator, We can help! Call 919-229-4429.

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  • Flea and Tick Prevention Treatment

    tick control companyMany people believe that you must have a dog or cat in order to have fleas enter your home. It’s not necessarily true! Fleas can also easily “hitch a ride” with homeowners to gain entry to your house. They can also come inside on new carpets or other objects brought into the house. Fleas and ticks can cause diseases such as Lyme disease, typhoid fever or tapeworms that can make humans (as well as domestic pets) very sick.

    Flea Control CompanyMosquito Tek not only kills mosquitoes, but we’re also experts at killing fleas and ticks as well. Our satisfied customers know that when our professionally trained technicians come out to eliminate fleas and ticks around their home, the job is done right the first time, and with our reliable Mosquito Tek guarantees we’ll stand behind our work. We know that every home is unique and will take time to fully understand the magnitude of your problem. Mosquito Tek’s comprehensive treatment of flea and tick personalized service begins with an interview, followed by a thorough inspection and identification of the pests around your home, resulting in a suggested approach tailored to your particular situation. We use the latest technologies and products in flea and tick control services, which gives our customers peace of mind with tick and flea protection throughout the year. We put the health of you and your family or your employees first, and we follow up as needed when you sign up for one of our pest management plans.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about our Mosquito Control Services

    What exactly do you do?
    Good question … mosquito control means different things to different people, and there are many misconceptions. Our mosquito abatement efforts are based on a four-step process:
    1. We initially access the area for the pests we’re seeking to eliminate and identify all pests within that area.
    2. We then identify their breeding sites.
    3. We mitigate the breeding sites through larvicide treatments
    4. We provide treatment to all the adult harborage areas around your home

    We offer both conventional mosquito control and organic mosquito control services. Please visit each page for more information on each type of available mosquito control service.

    Does Mosquito Tek use all natural and/or organic mosquito solutions?
    Yes, we offer organic treatments as one of our services. Our organic mosquito treatments are very safe for plants, adults, children, pets and other wildlife.

    How long does it take to do the barrier spray treatment and how long will it last?
    A typical treatment will average about 20 to 30 minutes to apply, but larger yards may take longer to process. You might not even notice we were there, but you will notice the mosquitoes are gone. Each organic treatment lasts about 14 days and each conventional treatment lasts about 21 days, after which our team can be scheduled to treat your yard again.

    Does anyone have to be at home when the yard is treated? How do I know if the treatment has been done if I am not at home?
    No. As long as your gate is unlocked and your pets are indoors, our technician can deal with it. Our trained professionals will get all information relevant to your location (i.e. locked gate) when you sign up.
    Your technician will leave a door hanger at the end of your treatment so you will know that your yard has been serviced. The information on this door hanger will include your date and time of service, as well as any helpful comments and hints that the technician might suggest to help you keep your yard as unattractive as possible for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

    Do you only work in the summer?
    Mosquito control is done throughout the year. Mosquito larvae will generally be hatched at the end of February and in mid-March we will study the wetlands that we have cataloged. This is called larviciding. This service will continue during the spring and summer into the fall, depending on weather and current mosquito surveillance.

    Will mosquitoes not come from my neighbor’s yard?
    Indeed, they will. But they won’t like what they find when they do. The spray we apply to the lower part of your plants at a low altitude around your perimeter will repel mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks! It helps greatly if you talk to your neighbor about any stagnant water in their yard. Remember, a wheelbarrow full of water can produce enough mosquitoes to infest a neighborhood.

    Does it cost anything to get an estimate from you?
    We provide free estimates in person so that we can answer questions, explain our services in more detail, and determine which program and service is right for you.

    What should I do if I have mosquitoes between treatments?
    Call us immediately. We will retreat your property quickly and without charge. We are committed to your safety and 100% satisfaction with our services.

    Can I get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party?
    Yes. We have a special event spray service for everything from a small birthday party to a large wedding reception. And yes, it will remain effective even if it rains.

    What is the Zika virus?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Zika is a disease caused by the Zika virus that spreads to people mainly through the bite of an infected mosquito. Zika’s most common symptoms are fever, joint pain, rash and conjunctivitis (redness of the eyes) The disease is usually mild with symptoms ranging from several days to a week, and researchers are now investigating a link between the virus and congenital anomalies.”