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Why choose Mosquito Tek?

Locally owned and operated, independent business since 2011. Founded in the Triangle, headquartered in RTP Mosquito tek doesn’t just kill mosquitoes; we have been a leading independent mosquito control company prior to the arrival of our flashy franchise competitors. Our mission is to provide you with value, choice, transparency and an unparalleled customer service process while protecting your family, pets and properties from unwanted pests. We are born and bred right here in the Triangle. We’re all proud to call it home.

  • Mosquito free guaranteed, or your money back!
  • Fast, Friendly, Personalized Service tailored to your needs.
  • No Contracts, No commitments, 10% less than the franchises; GUARANTEED.
  • We offer both Conventional AND Organic Mosquito Control Solutions.


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by: Fran W

Raleigh, NC


Your service has been thorough, effective and safe for all but the mosquitoes. I am looking forward to another spring and summer (and early fall) outside in my yard, free of the annoyance and potential dangers of mosquitoes. Thank you.

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Process – How it Works

As a local independed operator, we understand the micro climate in which we operate. From the sandy soils, hot dry air of eastern wake county, to the humidity and afternoon thunderstorms in North Durham, we recognize that there is no one sized fits all solution. But our four step process ensures your complete satisfaction.

mosquito spraying

As a Part of Service, We Do Four Key Things Each Time:

  1. Assess the environment & identify the target pest (usually mosquitoes)
  2. Identify and mitigate potential breeding sites
  3. Apply larvicide to any breeding sites that cannot be simply eliminated w/out treatment (i.e. emptying any vessel holding water)
  4. Provide thorough treatment of all adult mosquito harborage areas by misting the bushes, ground cover, trees, throughout the lower canopy branches as well as lightly spraying turf areas as needed. Undergrowth, wood lines and dense areas of native vegetation are also sprayed. Treatments vary at each individual property based on landscape, environment, exposure, etc…

One-Time & Special Event Treatments

Weddings, Special Events, Weekend Guests – Whatever the reason we can provide an individual service any time to eliminate mosquitoes and other nuisance pests for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Just contact us when you are planning your event and Mosquito Tek takes care of the rest. Our uniformed applicators will arrive up to 48-72 hours prior to your function based on venue schedule and tent installations to treat all designated areas ensuring you and your guests enjoy a mosquito-free party. Guaranteed.

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Common FAQ

How long does a single treatment last?

For our conventional treatment, it typically lasts 21 days. So we’ll come out every 21 days and sooner if you see a mosquito. For our organic treatment, it usually lasts 2 weeks, so we treat on a bi-weekly schedule.

How can you guarantee mosquito free living?

We have the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. If your are unhappy with the effectiveness of the treatment we will re-spray at no additional charge. If we cannot rectify or you choose to discontinue service we will fully refund any money paid.

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    When it Comes to Mosquitoes,
    an Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

    Here are some tips that will make a big difference.

    Don’t leave any standing water around!

    Get rid of it, it’s easy, and it completely eliminates the mosquitoes ability to breed in your yard.

    Clear brush and rotting yard debris

    Having a need and tidy yard will go a long way to ridding yourself of mosquitoes. Besides, your yard will look better for it.

    More Mosquito Prevention Tips

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