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If you live in Morrisville, NC and are having a mosquito control problem, then you should know that Mosquito Tek can help with your Morrisville mosquito control issues. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors in Morrisville, NC when every time you venture into your backyard you get bitten by a mosquito. However, there are things that you can do to help with mosquito control. We provide this information for you because at Mosquito Tek, our Morrisville mosquitoe control team would like you to help us in our quest to control the mosquito population. Here is a list for you to check:

  • Put away water holding containers like tires, buckets, toys, flowerpots, etc.
  • Clean clogged roof gutters
  • Cover garbage containers
  • Turn over canoes, small boats and wheelbarrows stored outside.
  • Dispose of old tires. They are a major producer of mosquitoes.
  • Fill in hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete.
  • Keep grass and shrubs around your home trimmed well

Making sure that the above list is taken care of will help with your Morrisville mosquito control problem. However, it is possible that mosquitoes will still fly in from other areas. To combat that issue, you need to get Mosquito Tek to take care of your Morrisville mosquito control problem.

Morrisville Mosquito Control advises you to use mosquito repellents!

There are several things you can do to help with your Morrisville mosquito control problem.

The most effective approach that people can take to reduce their risk is  to  use  personal  protective  measures,  such  as  wearing  loose-fitting,  long-sleeved,  light-coloured  clothing  and  using  repellents  to  decrease the number of mosquito bites. Another way to reduce the risk of West  Nile virus infection is to control mosquito  numbers  directly.  However,  effective  mosquito  control  is best left to professionals like the Mosquito Tek Morrisville Mosquito Control Team.
Because  mosquito  larvae  live  in  water,  mosquito  control  should  involve  elimination   of   wet   habitats and breeding sources especially when  water  that  produces  mosquitoes can be removed without causing other problems. Similarly, landscape  planning  that  keeps  water  from  accumulating  is  always  a  good bet….and of course another way to protect yourself is by contacting Mosquito Tek and getting the comprehensive Morrisville mosquito control program underway at your residence or place of business.

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    Mosquito Tek NC, is proud to be the leading independent Mosquito Management Company in the North Carolina Triangle area, including Morrisville, NC. Our contemporary and comprehensive approach to mosquito control services provides our clients with real value, choice and transparency. Whether it’s commercial, residential mosquito control a Mosquito Tek Pest Prevention program will provide peace of mind, incredible value and a trouble-free service process. All Mosquito-Tek Mosquito Barrier Spray Programs and Mosquito-Tek Mosquito Misting Systems come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Misting Systems also include a 2 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Choose from our conventional mosquito control which fights mosquitoes for up to 21 days, our organic mosquito control which keeps mosquitoes at bay for up to 14 days or our larviciding programs which kill mosquitoes before they become adults. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Find out why Locally Owned and Locally Operated means more value, a better service process and greater flexibility for our clients. Mosquito free and hassle free…guaranteed!

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    The Mosquito Tek team is courteous, conscientious, and professional. I’ve been a customer for two seasons already, and I have no complaints. A couple of times when the mosquitos have come back in peak times between treatments, they have returned to apply a another treatment at no cost.