Mosquito Free Guaranteed

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*Quarter acre & under, 8 treatments remaining

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Mosquito Free Guaranteed

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*Quarter acre & under, 8 treatments remaining

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Mosquito Free, Guaranteed!

If you see even one mosquito on your property during your service agreement, we will come back the same or next day and respray at no additional charge! We want you to be thrilled with your service! That’s why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Extermination Services

Mosquito Tek specializes in residential and commercial pest control services, mosquito barrier treatments, all natural and organic mosquito control, mosquito misting systems and special event treatments. With an unparalleled service process, our services that don’t require contracts, the unmatched results and an iron-clad guarantee is why more people choose us over our competitors.

Mosquito Control

The main focus of our company is to eliminate mosquitoes from all areas around your home or business using mosquito control services that are effective and safe. We offer organic spraying that is environmentally safe for your plants, the wildlife, your pets, and your family. We also provide a very potent conventional barrier spray that can tackle areas where mosquito infestation is at its worst. Our treatments last up to 21 days and come with satisfaction guarantees.

Organic Treatments

Our organic mosquito solution is both effective and safe for all your plant life, gardens, local wildlife, pets, and of course your family. We use Essentria insecticide that is environmentally safe, but extremely effective for killing mosquitoes.

Conventional Barrier Spray

Mosquito Spraying
Mosquito Spraying

When it comes to providing mosquito pest control that is the most effective, nothing can compare to our conventional barrier spray programs. We use the best mosquito insecticide on the market, Talstar, which is effective for up to 21 days.

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

We offer one-time mosquito treatments to help guarantee that your wedding, party, or company event will be free from mosquitoes or we’ll give you a full refund!

Flea and Tick Control

As part of our mosquito spray services, we offer at no additional charge complete flea and tick control as a compliment to our standard services.

Pest Control Products

We use only the very best commercial grade insecticides and larvicides so your home or business can rest assured that you’ll be mosquito free for the longest period possible.

Organic Products and Sprays

When it comes to safety and adherence to offering a truly green solution, nothing can compare to Essentria as the best organic insecticide on the market. Not only is it safe for plants, animals, and humans, but it has no aquatic set back, which means it can be used near water and won’t harm the ground water or its inhabitants.

Conventional Products and Sprays

We are firm believers in the Talstar line of products, which is by far the most trusted and effective insecticide available for professional exterminators. It has a long residual, which means it will keep killing mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks long after spraying.

Mosquito Larvicides

Mosquito prevention is what Altosid does best by killing mosquitoes where they breed, and with an effectiveness of up to 30 days after application you can know that Altosid will prevent mosquitoes from returning long after the initial mosquito spray treatment has been done.

Mosquito Tek is proud to be the leading independent mosquito exterminators in the Triangle. We guarantee Mosquito Free Living and offer the most comprehensive warranty in the business!

Mosquito Tek specializes in residential and commercial pest control services, mosquito barrier treatments, all natural and organic mosquito spray, mosquito misting systems and special event treatments. We proudly serve the entire Triangle Region! Call 919-323-3901 for same day service.

We’re The Original Independent Mosquito Fumigation Company in The Triangle


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Mosquito Tek Reviews

by: Fran W

Raleigh, NC

Your service has been thorough, effective and safe for all but the mosquitoes. I am looking forward to another spring and summer (and early fall) outside in my yard, free of the annoyance and potential dangers of mosquitoes. Thank you.

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