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If you live in Raleigh, NC and are having a mosquito control problem, then you should know that Mosquito Tek can help with your Raleigh mosquito control issues.

Raleigh Mosquito Control knows wehre mosquitoes hide
Mosquito on grass??

  If you let us, we won’t  let biting insects chase you inside this summer. Stay outside all season long with our proven solution for controlling mosquitoes. Our licensed and highly trained technicians will treat all the areas on your property where mosquitoes like to hide, including:

  • Shrubbery and hedges
  • In your lawn
  • Under decks and stairways
  • Ground cover areas
  • Landscape plant materials
  • Other hot spots

The Mosquito Tek Raleigh mosquito control team offers both natural and synthetic barrier control and prevention products to suit your particular needs. Our team will then treat your property every 20-to-30 days to ensure that you and your family are protected from the risk and annoyance that come with the season.


Mosquito Tek’s Raleigh mosquito control team can make sure that you don’t have any encounters with mosquitoes on your property. However, your travels may take you to mosquito infested areas. Here are a few tips from Mosquito Tek’s Raleigh mosquito control about insect repellents you want to use in those situations.

According to Consumer Reports, the best insect repellents use deet, and come in varying concentrations, ranging from 4 percent to 100 percent. Concentrations of 30 percent provide the same protection against mosquitoes as higher percentages for up to 8 hours but higher concentrations of deet have been linked to rashes, disorientation, and seizures. It’s probably best to avoid mosquito repellents with more than 30 percent deet and not to use it on infants younger than 2 months.

Women who are pregnant or breast feeding can safely use deet, if applied properly. Here are tips from the EPA on how to use insect repellent:

  • Apply repellents only to exposed skin or clothing—never put it on under clothing. Use just enough to cover and only for as long as needed; heavy doses don’t work better.
  • Don’t apply mosquito repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin or immediately after shaving.
  • When applying to your face, spray first on your hands, then rub in, avoiding your eyes and mouth, and using sparingly around ears.
  • Don’t let young children apply. Instead, put it on your own hands, then rub it on. Limit use on children’s hands, because they often put their hands in their eyes and mouths.
  • Don’t use near food, and wash hands after application and before eating or drinking.
  • At the end of the day, wash treated skin with soap and water, and wash treated clothing in a separate wash before wearing again.

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    Mosquito Tek NC, is proud to be the leading independent Mosquito Management Company in the North Carolina Triangle area, including Raleigh, NC. Our contemporary and comprehensive approach to mosquito control services provides our clients with real value, choice and transparency. Whether it’s commercial, residential mosquito control a Mosquito Tek Pest Prevention program will provide peace of mind, incredible value and a trouble-free service process. All Mosquito-Tek Mosquito Barrier Spray Programs and Mosquito-Tek Mosquito Misting Systems come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Misting Systems also include a 2 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Choose from our conventional mosquito control which fights mosquitoes for up to 21 days, our organic mosquito control which keeps mosquitoes at bay for up to 14 days or our larviciding programs which kill mosquitoes before they become adults. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Find out why Locally Owned and Locally Operated means more value, a better service process and greater flexibility for our clients. Mosquito free and hassle free…guaranteed!

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    Raleigh Mosquito Control Reviews

    I was worried about the quality of the product but I was completely surprised. We had our yard sprayed (on a drizzly day) and the mosquitos were taken care of. It was also nice not having to be home for the service. They make the scheduling simple and easy and are very informative with the whole process and what solution they use. It has been over a month now and with one spray and we are still mosquito free. I will definitely be using them again!!