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Raleigh Mosquito ControlMost pest control companies that provide mosquito control services in Raleigh have come to understand the unique nature of how humidity and a multitude of lakes, streams, and ponds populate the Raleigh area, and lend host to mosquitoes. Known as the “City of Oaks” due to the vast number of oak trees throughout the city, Raleigh NC has enjoyed tremendous growth in population due to the temperate climate and convenient location between the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and the Appalachian Mountains.

Homeowners who move to Raleigh enjoy spending the warmer months in the backyard with their family, but unfortunately most have realized that North Carolina is also home to quite a few mosquitoes, and unless they are controlled, mosquitoes can turn the sanctuary of a backyard into a location where families will not want to go.

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Killing Mosquitoes using DIY Methods

Most homeowners initially try to tackle killing mosquitoes by using over the counter mosquito sprays and repellents, citronella candles and plants, bug lights, and even bug zappers, but quickly realize that most of these methods have very little effect against eliminating mosquitoes, and only the expertise of a mosquito exterminator will truly eliminate the swarms of mosquitoes that plague the area around the home.

Choosing the Best Mosquito Exterminator

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The Mosquito Tek Exterminator
Mosquito Tek has over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential pest control, and understand mosquito prevention methods by killing mosquitoes in the locations where they breed as well as throughout every area around your house. When you choose to have professional exterminators such as Mosquito Tek remove mosquito infestations, you’re not only getting the industrial strength of the best sprays on the market, but you’re also getting the knowledge of experts who know the how, when, what type (conventional and organic mosquito spraying) and where these sprays should be applied so they are most effective.
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Customer Reviews

I was worried about the quality of the product but I was completely surprised. We had our yard sprayed (on a drizzly day) and the mosquitos were taken care of. It was also nice not having to be home for the service. They make the scheduling simple and easy and are very informative with the whole process and what solution they use. It has been over a month now and with one spray and we are still mosquito free. I will definitely be using them again!!