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Conventional Mosquito Control Products

MosquitoTek 21-Day Conventional Mosquito Barrier Spray

Talstar Pro Insecticide Our mosquito control products provide complete mosquito control with the best residual performance. Our conventional mosquito barrier spray fights mosquitoes for up to 21 days. Guaranteed.

Info on our Mosquito Control Products

For our conventional sprays, we use Bifenthrin (bottled under the brand name Masterline).  Bifenthrin is a solution which is a synthetic with a long track record of safety and efficacy in the outdoor, mosquito and turf and ornamental pest management industries. The low concentration of active ingredient required and the outstanding residual performance make this mosquito control product one of the safest and best options for complete adult mosquito control. It is odorless and non-irritating to skin. The non-phytotoxic residual that will give you superior, long lasting control. The active ingredient, bifenthrin is approved in indoor and outdoor areas such as residential, industrial, commercial and food-handling areas.

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