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Garner NCGarner, North Carolina is a town just south of Raleigh. It has a population of 27,814.* Although Garner directly borders Raleigh, it manages to fully embrace the benefits of small town living. Garner offers a number of community events and is home to the White Deer Park and Nature center. People who live in Garner tend to commute into Raleigh or the Research Triangle Park.

Garner has a lot to offer people who live there including a climate that is enjoyable. The winters are generally very mild, while the summers are hot and humid. Most people enjoy spending time outside in the evenings, but if you find that mosquitoes are keeping you and your family inside, turn to Mosquito Tek. We have been helping people in the Triangle enjoy mosquito free living since 2011.

Protect Your Family from Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

baby playing in poolMosquito treatments can keep your family safe from the complications that come mosquito-borne illnesses. Mosquitoes can carry diseases that can cause serious illnesses like the Zika virus, West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis. At Mosquito Tek, we offer a two-prong approach to mosquito control in which we address potential breeding sites to stop the larvae from developing into adults, while eliminating any adult mosquitoes on your property.

Organic Spray Treatments that Are Environmentally Safe

Mosquito Tek prides itself on offering choice to our customers, which is why we offer two treatment options. Our organic mosquito treatment is effective for up to two weeks. We use Essentria, which is NOP compliant with no aquatic setback. Our conventional treatment is effective for up to three weeks. We use Talstar, which has a strong mosquito knockdown. Both treatments are safe and effective.

Free Flea and Tick Protection

As a bonus to our customers, we complete a free flea and tick treatment with each mosquito treatment. This will protect your pets from potentially picking up fleas while in your yard. The treatment will also protect your family from tick-borne illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guarantees You Can Count On

At Mosquito Tek, we pride ourselves on offering quality customer service and in using the best products, which is why we offer two different guarantees. Our Satisfaction Guarantee states that if you see a mosquito in the first forty-eight hours after treatment, we will respray at no cost for you. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with your service. Start enjoying mosquito free living. Contact Mosquito Tek today.


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Customer Reviews

The Mosquito Tek organic product treatment permitted us to enjoy our yard and deck without the annoyance and discomfort of mosquitoes for the first time since we moved in many years ago. We only wish that we had tried them sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Mosquito Control Services

What happens at each mosquito treatment?

At each treatment our technician will complete a four-step process.

  • Inspect your property and identify mosquitoes
  • Identify any potential breeding sites.
  • Address standing water and apply larvicide.
  • Apply a barrier spray to the foliage, ground cover and underbrush around your yard.

How long will each treatment take?

The treatments will take about thirty minutes for an average size yard. If you have a larger property it can take up to an hour to complete a treatment.

Do you offer different treatment options?

We offer two treatment options for our mosquito control treatments. Our conventional treatment has a powerful mosquito knockdown and will last up to three weeks. Our organic option is NOP compliant. It has no aquatic setback and will last up to two weeks.

I can’t be home during the appointment. Can I still receive the treatment?

You can still receive the treatment as long as you give the technician access to your property. Your pets will also need to be put away during the treatment. After each treatment, the technician will leave a card stating the date and time of the treatment.

Will mosquitoes come into my yard from my neighbors?

The treatment we apply will create a barrier around the perimeter of your yard. When a mosquito flies through this barrier it will die. However, mosquito control is more effective when more people participate so we offer discounts to neighborhoods.

Do I need to pay for an estimate?

The estimates are free, but we do need to visit your property to determine the best type of treatment for your property.

What should I do if I see mosquito between treatments?

Just call, we will come out and respray at no cost to you.