Flea and Tick Control

Why Choose Mosquito Tek For Your Flea and Tick Control?

We were the first to add it to our mosquito control programs as an added value to our clients and provide this comprehensive coverage and peace of mind at no additional charge. As a fully licensed pest control company, we are able to treat for pests in locations that other competitors cannot. True to form, Mosquito Tek continues its mission to provide you with the same choice, transparency and great customer experience with Flea and Tick control as well.

  • No Fleas, No Ticks, Guaranteed, or your money back!
  • Fast, Friendly, Personalized Service tailored to your needs.
  • No Contracts, No commitments.
  • Free Flea and Tick Control with purchase of a qualified Mosquito Control Program

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Locally owned and operated, independent business since 2011.

Mosquito Tek was founded in the Triangle and headquartered in RTP. Mosquito tek doesn’t just kill Fleas and Ticks; we have been a leading independent pest control company prior to the arrival of our flashy franchise competitors. We are born and bred right here in the Triangle. We’re all proud to call it home.



As a Part of Service, We Do Four Key Things Each Time:

  1. Assess the dwelling and surrounding area & identify the target pest (Mosquitoes, Fleas or Ticks)
  2. Find potential breeding sites and abate or modify them to reduce opportunities for breeding.
  3. Treat the offending areas with larvicide that do not need treatment (not all areas need treatment)
  4. Provide thorough treatment of all Flea and Tick problem areas by spraying the foliage, ground cover, trees and bushes as needed. We also spray any problem areas such as undergrowth, wood lines and dense areas of native vegetation. We tailor the treatment based on the property features and sizes.

Backyard Bug Control Reviews

This will be our 5th season with Mosquito Tek. If it were not for them we would be unable to use our backyard at all. We have a pool and are surrounded by woods. Because of that we have a lot of mosquitos. Thanks to Mosquito Telks treatments, our yard is mosquito free. My husband and daughter are mosquito magnets and react to bites. We are happy with the service and highly recommend them.

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Common FAQ


How often does my property need service?

We recommend treatment every 21 days with our conventional products but also offer a bi-weekly program. The Organic Compliant Products are best suited for use on a bi-weekly schedule. Please contact us for a free consultation or >>click here<< to review our service options.

Does treatment get rid of other pests (i.e. fleas, ticks, ants, whiteflies)?

Mosquito Tek is licensed to offer many types of pest control in & around your property. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Flea and Tick Control

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    How to prevent Fleas and Ticks


    Here are some tips that will make a big difference.

    Mow your lawn!

    Keeping a tidy yard goes a long way in preventing fleas and ticks.

    Rake leaves and other rotting material

    This removed their habitat, so it will make it more difficult for these pests to survive in your yard.

    Use Mulch Strategically

    Separate wooded areas from lawns by using a Mulch barrier. This helps prevent ticks from moving in.


    More Flea and Tick Prevention Tips


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