Using the Mosquito Life Cycle to Hit’em Where it Hurts

Mosquito life cycle

In order to successfully control any pest, you have to study it to see where it is vulnerable. The photo above shows a mosquito life cycle and that’s where the study begins. Each one of the 4 stages of a mosquito’s life cycle exhibits certain weaknesses and the experts at Mosquito Tek know just where those weaknesses are. If the mosquito life cycle was not known, it would be much more difficult to kill and control them. 

To begin with, it is always good to catch things early so you would think that a good time to stop any mosquito infestation would be at one of the earlier life cycle stages. The egg and larva stage are the first two stages in the mosquito life cycle. In fact, mosquito larvae are vulnerable and there are several larvaciding solutions which Mosquito Tek recommends.

Mosquito Life Cycle – egg/larva solutions

Altosid larvacide

  • Solution 1: Organic: Fast acting Summit BTI Briquets dissolve into standing water environments and release a bacterium toxic to all species of mosquito larvae. Since the bacterium is common in soil, aquatic insects, fish and other aquatic life are not harmed. However, larvae which hatch from eggs in or near standing water treated with a Summit BTI Briquet feed on the B.T.I., and  the B.T.I. kill the mosquito larvae.
  • Solution 2: Conventional: Altosid Pro-G Insect Growth Regulator.  This product kills mosquito larvae before they can develop into troublesome adults. Although this product is not ‘organic’, it has no adverse effect on humans, pets, animals, fish or vegetation. It provides up to 30 days of control in standing water and comes in a small, easy-to-use shaker bottle. In addition, the cost is very reasonable.

In our next post we’ll see how the experts at  Mosquito Tek use the mosquito life cycle to control and destroy mosquitoes during later life cycle stages.